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5-Leadership Secrets of Jesus

When I study how Jesus led, there’s differences in what He did and what we tend to do now. Some of those may be cultural driven, but I think most are “man” driven. We feel we’ve found a way to improve on how Jesus did it. Aaaannnkkk! Wrong!

These are some of the “secret” (the only thing that makes them secrets is that most don’t use them) Leadership strategies I see that Jesus used:

1- Jesus prayed and fasted all night asking God who He should bring on His team.

2- Jesus chose the “uneducated and untrained.” He didn’t choose leaders, He built His own.

3- Jesus trained His followers by example, and then empowered them to do the same. [Read more...]

3-Things First-In Developing Church Diversity

I’m often asked, “How do we make our church diverse?” The answer to that question can be somewhat lengthy depending on where you are in the process. But, I love simple processes so I like to tell leaders and Pastors you need to do…

Three things…First.

See It

[Read more...]

10-STUPID Moves that will KILL You

Let me tell it to you straight, some moves are just STUPID. They seem to scream for your attention as a leader or pastor but they can kill you! Not like you actually die, but more like killing your future, health, relationships and your ability to lead. These are just some stupid moves I have made!

I encourage you to learn from my mistakes, these almost killed me, don’t you make the same stupid moves… [Read more...]

Four Vital Steps to Finishing Well

Day in and Day out. Some days are better than others, but everyday comes with the challenge and responsibility to make it count. We must make it count, here’s why…

Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong  and do the work.” [Read more...]

The Most Impacting Verse in Scripture

One of our campus pastors Ja Cook, gave a challenge to all the fathers in our church. He simply said, “I hope each of you can say to your children, as Paul did…

“Follow me as I follow Christ.”

That afternoon I really thought about that verse. “Follow me as I follow Christ.” I believe if we really [Read more...]

God Has TWO Questions For You

As we learn what it means to truly follow God, there are 2-Questions I feel He wants to ask us everyday.

What are you hearing Me say?

Everyday is a new day, filled with opportunities to impact the Kingdom. It is vital we hear God and understand His desires for us on such things as…

  • Go see this person
  • Don’t go to that meeting
  • Call your neighbor
  • Be patient
  • Do all things in love
  • Make a date with your wife  [Read more...]

Is it EVER Right to Criticize?

I read articles and notes all the time about the “right way” to offer criticism, the godly way to receive criticism, blah. blah.blah. Here is my question…

Is it EVER right to criticize? Or offer “good corrective criticism? My answer to that question is NO! [Read more...]