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10 Habits Great Leaders Should Never Have

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What habits are keeping you from getting your work done?

Bad Habits = Bad Leadership

Here Are 10 Habits you Must Break to be More Productive:

1- Overloading

Have you ever been in the middle of one task and then started another, only later to realize that you didn’€™t finish either? Multi-tasking seems like a good idea at the time, but often leads to nothing. Concentrate on the important task until it is finished, before starting something else.

2- Making Excuses

We have become desensitized to accountability. When something doesn’t get it done, we immediately look for something or someone else to blame. As the cliche goes, “Life isn’t always fair.” Get it done anyway.

3- Email Obsession

How many times do you check email in a day? 10, 20, 50, 100? Stop checking your email. Instead, do your work.

4- Focus on the negative

The news is best consumed in small doses. If you read the news these days there is simply too much. Too much negativity. Too much inaccuracy. Too much wasted time. Don’t endlessly surf the news websites, and instead let the news come to you. Get a few RSS feeds. Read the news once a day.

5- Being Unorganized

You may be telling yourself (and others) that you know exactly where everything is on your desk. However, a messy desk impedes your ability to efficiently do work. Piles are not organization, so clean them up today.

6- Complaining

Don’€™t be one of those people who goes through life complaining instead of doing. If you aren’t happy about something, then do something about it. You can leave your job. You can start new relationships. You can even change things about yourself if you try hard enough.

7- Unhealthy Eating

Eating junk food on a regular basis is a sure-road trip to an unhealthly lifestyle. However, it is also responsible for derailing your energy level in the afternoon. Instead of being a post-lunch zombie, eat a healthy meal that will actually fuel your body.

8- Skipping Exercise

When things get hectic, one of the first things to go is exercise. Don’t use “I don’t have time to workout,”€ as an excuse. (See #2) You do have time to work out. Don’t underestimate exercise’s  ability to power your motivation and energy level.

9- Being Chained to your phone

Who is in charge, you or your smartphone? Don’t answer it just because it rings. Don’€™t jump at every beep, chirp, and vibration. Remember, it is there for your convenience, not the other way around.

10- Doing it just “Good Enough”

When you don’€™t give something your all, you end up with a half-done job. As Jeffrey Mayer said, If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?€ Always bring your A-game, and do it right the first time and do it with class.

It may be time you replaced a few of those bad habits with a better ones.

Question: What bad habits do you have that impact your productivity?


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  • Mark McIntyre

    11. Being overly concerned about what people think about your leadership. Feedback needs to be evaluated (positive and negative) against the mission of the organization.

    12. Not knowing the mission. I’ve seen too many pastors that simply keep programs running with no real thought about what we are trying to accomplish with those programs.

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