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How? You’ve Gotta Know!

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The Bible tells us what, not how. Now, before you dismiss that and call me crazy think, imagine this…

Ephesians tells all husbands to love their wife as Christ loves the church. Ephesians, though, doesn’t tell you to love your wife the same way I love mine. In fact, the Bible doesn’t tell me to love my wife the same way for my entire life. I don’t know about you, but if I loved my wife today and showed her that I love her the same way I did 20 years ago, she’d be done with me. She’s changed, I’ve changed, culture’s changed, and my way of loving her has changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love her to the best of my ability as Christ loved the church, I just change HOW I love her.

The Bible tells me WHAT to do, it’s up to me to find out HOW to do it. The only way I get there? By desperately seeking God to give me the how.

For a long time, churches and Christians have overlooked that part of the puzzle. That’s the tough part. That’s the dedication and consistency part. That’s the part that only comes when we feel the weight of WHAT scripture tells us to do. Then, and only then, will we really be desperate to find the HOW.

No matter what you’re doing… Loving your spouse, leading your children, leading a church, trying to win that coworker to Christ, trying to change your high school for Christ, or making leadership decisions, you gotta find the how.

Seek the what… be desperate for the how. That’s Craveable.

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  • Lance Wright

    Great insight and words Artie. No doubt this is the missing piece to a life filled with adventure and risk in seeking the king. Thank you for being straight up about the consistency it takes to hear from him.

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