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Month: June 2014

A Word About Spiritual Wisdom

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3 Things That Kill A Leader’s Leadership


If you’re defensive as a leader, it means you aren’t leading with confidence and the conviction you need. I’ve always said that if we’re defensive as leaders, it’s our vision and not God’s. Only the person that created the vision has to defend it. If God created it and gave it to us, we don’t have to defend it, only steward it.

If you find yourself wanting to throw down when someone doubts something or doesn’t like something you do, it may be that you are acting in your own way, not in God’s vision.

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3 Signs that God is Moving in Your Church

GOD_MOVEThere’s no way to manufacture a move of God. Yes, we follow God’s heart and the Spirit’s leading to plan, pray and prepare in faith that God will move though all we do, but only He can make the move.

At times, we may be tempted to “hype” things up to give the appearance that God is moving, (nothing wrong with passion and excitement) but how do we know it’s God? We see these 3 things:

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