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4 Steps To The Best Sermons

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sermonbestScheduling, series, and sermon planning is one of the “biggys” for the church. It’s one of those things that we have to get down because so much of what we do rises and falls on the church calendar and scheduling.

That being said, for years I’ve suffered through trying to get it all “right.” I’ve tried different systems, different wall calendars, and software. I’ve tried to get the calendar scheduled on google calendars and a whole bunch of other things.

A few months ago, I had what I kinda think was an epiphany. I figured out a way that I could see the entire thing all at once and move leaders and staff through the thought process. Over the next few posts, I’m gonna be breaking these down more.

Here’s a quick outline of what we’ve come up with…

1. Year Church Calendar

Each year, the teaching team and department heads and I sit down and outline a calendar for the year. This calendar includes all of the “Big Stuff” we’ll do over the year.

2. Sermon Series Calendar

Once we have holidays and big events on the calendar, we start planning out series. I’ll talk more about how we do that later in the series.

3. Sermon Series Outline

We set dates, main points, and main scripture for the entire series.

4. Sermon Outline

We’ve come up with a system of outlining a sermon that seems to work well with people’s way of thinking, attention spans, and application. We’ll break that down later too.

Does your church have a system for this? I’d love to hear about it!


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