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3 Vital steps In Making Your next Big Move

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BIGMOVE“Let’s just do it! “

That’s one of the favorite sayings of a friend of mine. A “good” idea comes and BAM! Let’s do this thing. Which can sound fun and full of faith.

It’s easy for an aggressive leader to fall prey to that type of mindset. However, I have learned that usually produces hurt and pain. The big moves you look to make need to be birthed in the correct context. Beginning with…

1- Principle

When we begin to “feel” we should move or make a decision, there must be a thorough, honest examination. Looking at that decision or desire and making sure it is based on solid Biblical principle. This may sound like a no brainer, but it happens more often than not.

It may not be a huge looming violation of Scripture but the “small foxes spoil the vine.” Spend time up front confirming that he decision is firmly planted on the principles of God. If you just “feel” it’s ok and you move forward, emotions become stronger and you may develop strong feelings of ownership of the move. At that point it’s very difficult to retrace and go back. Start with a solid foundation before you build.

2- Process

Once you’re sure the move is biblically sound, you need to go through the process of confirming the details through prayer and hearing God’s voice. This is where you develop the faith, the assurance of what God’s heart is and His desire.

It’s here where you should be convinced this move was not and is not authored by you. One of the greatest proofs that it’s a God move, is when you aren’t defensive when asked and questioned. Your heart should feel like, “this is not my idea, so why should I get angry, frustrated or become defensive when questioned about it.” If it’s God’s idea, He will defend it, He didn’t call you to take care of defending it.

3- People

If it’s Biblically sound and you know it’s Gods heart and desire for you, look for God to bring confirmation from the leaders you’re accountable to. The godly Kingdom servants who fight with you should also dream with you. But, if there isn’t a blessing from those with you, most likely that’s not God’s desire for you, at least not now.

But, if it’s sound on principle, confirmed by the people who lead with you, God will bring you the people you need.

Which of these three do you have the most difficulty with?

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