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Month: February 2014

Finding Great Leaders At The Bottom

Recently, I couldn’t find a pair of socks that I was looking for, so  I turned my sock drawer over and discovered some rare gems! Some I had forgotten about and many I didn’t know I had. We typically pick leaders the same way, we go for what’s on top or the most visible. Those

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3 Bold Moves That Spark New Passion

BOLD“Everything has its own time…” Ecc 3.1

I’ve quoted that verse to others and, quite a few times, to myself. Most often it’s to answer the question why didn’t things turn out the way we had hoped.

When we face disappointments like that, one area of our life that can take a blow is our passion.

I’ve found when my passion and energy are running low, a few bold moves need to be taken. Now, apart from the obvious… we need to be on our faces before God, we need to establish a laser focus so we aren’t spreading the energy and enthusiasm too thin and zapping our own passion.

Try these Bold Moves…

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Your son needs some…”Domestification”


I was watching my son take clothes out of the washer the other day and a thought came to mind…

“I’m so glad we’ve taught our son to wash clothes”

You see, he leaves for college in the fall (the last of three) and my wife and I have always wanted him to be equipped for life, real life. So we have taught him how cook, clean, iron, wash clothes and shop. But in case you’re wondering, he’s all man. Like, football playing, 300lb benching, bully slapping, leading friends to Jesus kinda man!

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3 Vital steps In Making Your next Big Move

BIGMOVE“Let’s just do it! “

That’s one of the favorite sayings of a friend of mine. A “good” idea comes and BAM! Let’s do this thing. Which can sound fun and full of faith.

It’s easy for an aggressive leader to fall prey to that type of mindset. However, I have learned that usually produces hurt and pain. The big moves you look to make need to be birthed in the correct context. Beginning with…

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3 Bad Systems Your Church Desperately Needs

SYSTEMSA bad system is better than no system at all.

I love what I heard Andy Stanley said once, “Your system is perfectly suited for the results you’re getting.” It’s quite easy to have no system and therefore have practically no results. So, a bad system that produces “bad” results is at least a place to start and measure it’s success.

I’ve helped train 100’s of pastors through The Sticks Network, and one thing that consistently sticks out in my mind is how few leaders and churches have systems in place for the most vital parts of their church.

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