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3 Ways to Poke A Slow Moving Church

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pokeAlmost every church will see seasons of growth and decline.

But how do you get a church that seems to be coming to a stop to regain some forward momentum?

Here are a few points I have found helpful…

1 See clearly

You must see all the components that cause or have contributed to the slow down. This process of perception is vital. It will take some time, but you have to ask and record the answers to some hard questions.

-Inside trends? (Music, giving, ages, preaching, kids etc,)

-Outside trends? (Community, economic, culture change)

2  Understand fully

All churches have a variety of tools at their disposal to accomplish their vision. But few understand how well those tools are performing.

-List all the current tools your church has (Sunday adult, Sunday kids, music, outreach, mens, high school, preaching, whatever)

-Try and list two ways to definitively measure the impact each tool is contributing to the vision

-List the tool that you need but currently don’t have and the tools you are using that are no longer as effective as they should be

3 Move Methodically

-Establish a written plan. The final draft should be summarized easily on one side of a piece of paper.

-Calendar the initiatives on your plan

-Communicate clearly the great opportunities available for others to join in

-Search for and celebrate the slightest win! Passion is contagious!

Is there another vital step you would include?

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  • Jason Rains

    Good stuff Artie-when I do consulting this is spot on what I try to do. Before we begin your 1st phase, we always use a blank board to clearly define some things before we dig into the trends.
    1. What is God’s win for His church?
    2. What is your personal win for this church?
    3. What’s the perception of your church in the community?
    4. What church IS growing that you are aware of around you?
    5. Why do YOU think your momentum has stopped?

    From there we look at trends, tools, targets, and a plan for initiating & sustaining momentum.

    Thanks for this!!

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