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3-Steps to answer the Questions Everyone in Your Church is Asking

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“I know a couple that has stopped giving…said they don’t understand what we’re doing.”


One of the staff members told me this recently, and it really felt like a stab!

What!? Don’t know? Don’t understand? How can that be?

We have communicated our vision and plan very well (I said to myself). Well…upon further investigation I came to realize many of those actually committed to the church, didn’t really understand our plan.

The lack of communication…It was like a huge zit on my nose and I was the last person to see it! I realized this was indeed a crisis and needed correction quickly. Here are 3-Steps that helped alleviate the questions they were asking…

 1- Have a Plan

I mean a simple written ministry plan EVERY year. In your plan, you should answer the basic questions everyone asks:

Mission- What are we going to do?
Vision- How are we going to get it done?
Direction – Who is responsible?
Provision- How much will it cost?

2- Present the Plan

Now this is a big challenge but… Your plan should fit on 1-page! I’m not talking about the entire detailed plan, but the summary of what you share with the church. If you present and  lay out the detailed plan, but nobody will remember it. You want  those with you to know the plan and run with it. So keep it simple.

3- Implement the Plan

Make it clear what immediate steps are going to take place in order for the new plan to materialize. Don’t get detailed right up front, make macro strokes so as to not get bogged down with to many questions so be answered.

Set firm dates when these new initiates are going to take place. Make the measurable so those with you can celebrate the win!

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