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Month: November 2013

3-Minute 3-Point “Rocket Pitch” for Church Vision

vision-infuses-passion_wide_tAt a recent staff planning day, we gave each other nicknames. It was really funny and revealing at the same time. They gave me…”Bullet Point.”

It just may be the way I’m wired, but if you’re gonna pitch me an idea, don’t try and “sell me” first. You need to give me your “Rocket Pitch” and then let me ask the questions I need answered in order to understand fully or make a decision.

I read a great article recently in Inc that outlines how to give a great “Rocket Pitch” that brings simplicity. A direct approach is a vital component when communicating your church’s vision. I’m trying to craft several pitches using their outline, here’s how it goes…

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5 Changes That Increase Productivity

productivityI was reading this recently in the CEO newsletter. I loved the info-graphic, and was intrigued by the biggest changes leaders need to make to become more productive..

The top five really resonated with me and I’ve listed them in my own words…

#1 Have a task management system.

You have to capture all that you have to do. If you don’t, you’ll be constantly bombarded with the thoughts of getting stuff done. Put it in a task management system and get it off of your mind!

#2 Only have a meeting as a last resort.

Meetings kill time and productivity. If you can have a quick conversation with a couple of people in a casual way, do that instead. If you can take care of it in a walk by conversation, do that. If you can communicate with a phone call, do it. Only meet as a last resort!

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Three Moves to Make Now to Move Your Church…When You Can’t Move!

MOVE“I’m just to tired to do anything right now.”

Ever feel like that? I know I have on many occasions. Here’s the deal, when we see things in our churches that need to be changed but we lack resources, leadership, time or energy, the first temptation is to wait until we have or most of these before we move…Wrong.

As the coaches scream from the corner of a MMA match…”Move or Die, Move or Die!” Here are three things you can do today that will begin to change everything!

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You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Have

fixChurch systems are important.

The systems you have in place in your church or even in your business are the foundation  for all the good stuff that is going to come. Without a system in place, we don’t know where to put the issues that come up, the wins that we see, and the problems that pop up. Systems are the grid behind what we do.

So. When it comes to church systems, remember,..

You can’t fix what you don’t have

What I mean is it’s better to have a semi good system in place than to have no system in place at all. If you get something going, you can always make changes later… you can always try to fix it. If you have nothing in place, you have nothing to fix and nothing to help you solve the problems and holes that you find.

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