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Month: October 2013

The Greatest Question to Ask… Before Starting Anything

QUESTION“What would make this incredibly successful?”

I found this question that was asked by an executive at the David Allen company, the great time management and GTD (getting things done) author.

I certainly think this has great application to the church context…


All of us that work in church leadership have at one time or another started something because we thought we had a great idea. Instead of thinking through what we’re doing, we just go with it and not think about what would make it succeed or fail.

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Intentional Neglect

neglectWe have to know our focus.

I heard a term the other day that has had my gears turning…

“Intentional neglect.”

It wasn’t used in a church context, but I think it certainly has application right now, especially for the church I lead. As a church we are re-tooling almost everything, in doing so, we have narrowed almost everything we do into the BIG three right now…

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3 Imperatives For the Leader Desiring to Change the Norm

On a lazy Friday afternoon (my day off), I watched the semi-old movie Patch Adams. I loved many things about the movie (have seen it several times before) but on this viewing the most impactful part were the words on the screen at the end of the movie… “Currently there is a waiting list of

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