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Three Essential steps in Multiplying Leaders

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I love simple effective strategies. And the strategy Jesus used to multiply leaders before email, texts, IPads and even printed books was incredibly effective! He did it ole school…

#1 Educate (Face to Face)

Jesus often took the disciples away to solitary places and taught them the mysteries of the Kingdom.

We have to give those we lead the right information. They need to know things like: Job descriptions, goals, expectations, communication routes, vision and direction. As we look to equip leaders, communicating with them face to face lets them know how valuable they are to us.

#2 Engage (Shoulder to Shoulder)

Jesus didn't just teach His followers what they needed to know, He showed them real application of what He taught. Seeing what was taught applied, gave greater value to the information they received.

When we engage with those we lead, we invite them to walk with us, to see the required demonstrated first hand. That means allowing them to see the good, bad and the ugly. We allow them to walk shoulder to shoulder with us.

#3 Empower (Back to Back)

Jesus sent out the seventy and the twelve. He educated them, He engaged with them demonstrating what and how things needed to be done. But, then He empowered them, He gave them an assignment and the authority to accomplish it and let them go.

There is no greater joy, or more effective way to multiply leaders than empowering them to go and use the very things they have been taught and shown. We must allow those with us to become one of us, and then back to back, guard one another as we take new ground for the Kingdom.

Which one of these steps do you have the most difficulty in seeing happen?


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  • Jon Stallings

    In our church we have a lot of people who grew up in the church. They most often define the extent of discipleship as #1. We are having to work on changing how they think and open them up to the new world (new for them) of #2 and #3.

    Thanks Artie for the post.

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