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My Response to using the word “sexy”

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Artie Davis is not right in his head. Spiritually Sexy?

Wow, a national publishing company reposted my blog. “5 Q’s to know if you are “Spiritually Sexy”” and their readers went kinda crazy…

What could have incited these readers to such fury?

The use of the word “sexy.”

Unfortunately when the publisher reposted my blog, they didn’t include the first line…

Sexy – generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexystock> Miriam Webster (M-W.com)

I don’t know why that was not included by the publisher, but I’m sure it would have given a lot more clarity and context to those who were reading it.

I stand by my choice to use the word “sexy” in the post. When used in the context as it was intended, I think it drives the point of the post…we should be “attractive and appealing” to those who are not yet in the Kingdom.

Why would someone attack my character because I used “sexy.”

I would not trust this pastor/author to be alone with children-perhaps he would teach them the importance of being “sexy” in the Sunday school class.

A complete departure of the message of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. And it gives me the impression, that the author is pre-occupied with obsessive sexual thinking in his own mind, and most probably has a private porn addiction

I see such attacks on me by people who know nothing about me as the very reason I wrote the post in the beginning. If a “christian” would be so judgmental and quick to slander someone just because they disagree with the use of a term, only proves they don’t have the right heart toward people.

If you are mean to those who are running with you to see the Kingdom of God expanded, you would certainly be cruel and unloving to someone outside the Kingdom who does something you disagree with.

If you act like a jerk…People will think Jesus is a jerk

“That’s all I got to say about that…” Forrest Gump



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  • Shawn

    Thanks for clearing this up, Artie. And yes, I whole-heartedly agree with everything you’ve said and what you said in the article. I think this follow-up was badly needed.

  • Dave

    I agree that the character assassination was uncalled for, uncharitable, and unkind. It is also unfortunate that the publisher edited the definition from the article as that obfuscated your intent. Both actions muddled an otherwise excellent article on the need to be winsome about our faith so that others are attracted to Christ and the gospel.

    But those were not the only errors. Sadly, while you did use the SECOND definition of sexy in the dictionary, you seem to have perilously ignored the first: “sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic.” Perhaps you knew that word choice would garner far more attention than a less provocative option. It probably was fine on your blog where your style and approach have greater contextual clarity, but didn’t work as well in Charisma. Sadly, the word choice has become the focus of the discussion and not your fine content.

    As well, the unfortunately aggressive “P.S.” ignores the normal understanding of the word “sexy” in such a way as to slap even friendly readers’ sensibilities with the “you are the problem” mindset. If your goal was to provoke reaction, you got it. IF it was to get people to think about their appeal to their neighbors, then the title hindered you.

    • artie

      Thank you for your loving response Dave.
      I certainly understand the first definition of sexy of course. Using thought provoking and challenging terms and illustrations are just part of my style of writing and speaking. I know the audience at Charisma is not the audience I generally speak to, and understand my style may be disagreed with. However, that doesn’t show well for those who carry our banner to use it to malign and slander another, no matter how much you would disagree with them.

  • Pat Thomas

    Let it go, brother….the “religious” people just don’t get it. And even some who “seemingly” do, still have to say something! We know your heart and so does the Father. Love you eternally!

  • Andre

    I thoroughly enjoyed the piece. We have to stop being time when it comes to expanding the the Kingdom. Thought provoking subject matter is simply that. It provokes you to think. I see no harm in the piece and encourage you to keep doing your thing. Christ did not say we had to be PC. He said, “Go!” not “Go but, don’t ruffle feathers.”

  • Doug

    I understand that your were trying to attact the atteniion of the reader when you used the phrase “spiritually sexual.” However, there are other ways of doing it!

  • Myra McGee

    We are to not even give the impression of sin and using a word that our culture is obsessed with and was almost certain to misinterpret (especially in light of recent cases of pedophilia and sexual misconduct by spiritual leaders) seems a poor choice. I am sure you meant well but why not use the phrase “spiritually attractive” instead? It would convey what you meant and not leave you open to attack by those who don’t understand.

  • Buddy Knight

    Artie: I must confess that my first thought was very doctrinally incorrect:

    “Those folks near the Mount of Olives (in John 8:1-11) WERE reincarnated…discovered the INTERNET!”

    Seriously, it saddens me to see how GUN-SHY many in the Church are over anything to that mentions sex and sexuality. After all, it was GOD’S DESIGN. We have our work cut out for us.

    I think your use of “sexy” is dead-on! It is addressing amount of “spiritually ugliness” that is out there!

    Good luck, keep firing and writing, and Check Six!

  • bill (cycleguy)

    I actually read the post you wrote and found I had commented on that Artie. Small world. I had no trouble then, nor do I now with your word (although I reckon that puts me in the same boat as you with that dude who judged and maligned you). I would gladly row the boat of putting Christ forward with you. Meanwhile, the dude needs to look in the mirror. ‘Course he may only see a reflection and not the real thing. Sorry so snarky. When people make judgments and have no basis for it it sort of upsets me. :)

  • Spiritually Sexy

    I am greatly appreciative that so many were “offended”…. to be offended means that you probably stepped on their toes and the human thing to do would be to lash out. I am grateful that God operates in the spiritual and not like man. Every time I hear a message from you, I am offended. I am so offended that I reevaluate my life, actions, and mentality in an effort to Find, Follow, and be like Christ! Thank you for your courage to go “out of bounds” and not put an omnipresent God in a box. I will continue to strive to be “spiritually sexy”….

  • Joe McKeever

    A professor of mine used to say, “Words do not have meanings; words have usages.” And what you attempted was to give the word a different “usage” from the way most people use it. Good luck with that! :-)

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