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Month: June 2013

The 1st Step in Creating Momentum

momentumMomentum is one of those things we all want as leaders. When we have momentum behind us and what we’re leading, we become unstoppable. Walking in great momentum is one of those “sweet” spots for a leader. Every move you make seem to turn to gold.

How do you create momentum?

It definitely requires seeking God, being desperate for his voice, and having a good team around you. The number one way, though, when it’s all said and done…

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The Greatest Enemy of Love is…Truth

LOVETruth is an enemy of love? Yes, not infallible Truth (i.e., the bodily resurrection), but rather our perception of truth.

Most arguments I have been in or witnessed is a battle between two different views of what is true.

We are first and formost called to be like therefore love like God. That means we must be willing to sacrifice and lay down of what we consider the “truth” for the sake of the other feeling loved by us.

Give up your right to be right.

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Don’t Be A “Was Gonna” Friend

Helping hand shakes another in an agreement

I was gonna ______ but I _______.

That’s the way we say it in the south anyway. The interpretation of that is simple. “I thought about doing something that would help or encourage you but I didn’t. So…I’m telling you that I at leastthought about you.” That’s not what a good friend does. When someone says that, they are trying to make themselves feel better about missing an opportunity.

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3 Answers to the Question, “How Do I Become A Better leader”


1. Trust God from the bottom of your heart.

I know that seems like a ‘nah duh’ kind of statement  especially for those of us that are called to lead Christ’s Church. The truth is, though, that it can be tough as a leader to REALLY trust at times. When it feels like it’s all on us and we’re waiting for God to show up and do what we know we heard him say He’d do, it can be tough to trust. Trust anyway. He’s trustworthy for sure!

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2 Things Every Effective Leader Must Have


Every effective leader in the Kingdom simply must have these (2) Qualities:

Humility & the Fear of God…

The reward of humility and the fear of the Lord
is wealth, honor, and life. Pr 22.6

What MUST a humble leader do?

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