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3 Essential Core Values for your Church

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core-values1Core ValuesThe ideals and values we hold, that are non-negotiable, that serve as filters for all of efforts to accomplish our mission. (My working definition) 

The story of Jehu in 2 Kings 10 came in front of me recently, and reading it again, several things really struck me.

Jehu...found Jehonadab…coming to meet him. He greeted him and then asked, “Is your heart one with mine?

#1 Unity

We can’t accomplish the mission God has given us (Help People Find, Follow and Be-Like Jesus), if there is division in the ranks. Without unity, you will be thrown back two steps for every one you think you’ve made.

#2 Team

It is,” Jehonadab replied. Jehu said, “If it is, give me your hand.” So he gave him his hand, and Jehu pulled him up into the chariot with him.

There is always two parts to a team. We must be willing to take a hand of those we’re running with, and offer a hand as well.

A true team that are owning the mission and vision of your church will not play “turf wars.” If they do…You aren’t casting the vision well enough in the context of how each part is vital to accomplishing the whole.

#3 Passion

Then he said, “Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord!”

As a key leader, it’s vital you own the entire vision, and spread that ownership like a flame among others. We have to live it everyday!

Our passion is our fire, it may be larger on some days than others, but it must always be burning. You can have the greatest vision and the greatest team, but without passion the vision will die a quick death.

Are these values a part of what your church truly believes and practices? It doesn’t matter how you state them, but if these values aren’t practiced, your church will suffer harm from the inside out.


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  • Richard Burkey

    Great list. The church I serve has Unity (Building Unity in the Body of Christ) as one of our 5 core values. We also add Transforming lives with the Word of God, Connecting people to Jesus, Developing disciples, and Worshiping God. Over the years it has bee amazing to see how God leads us back to these values to become who He is makign us to be.

  • Nathanael

    Hey agreed that these are all essential in a church, but what about God centred and based around his word (the bible) as our authority for what we say?

    Not saying the others aren’t important, just thought it might be good to mention :)

    God Bless!

    • artie

      That’s so true Nathaniel. However, in this context there are certain things that are a given. The infallible truths of Scripture, are one of our core values, and I’m sure thats part of most of those who read this blog. This post was not about an exhaustive list, but some core values that may be overlooked.

      Thanks my friend.

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