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Author Frank Viola has just released a new book called God’s Favorite Place on Earth that could literally change your relationship with God, help you defeat bitterness, free you from a guilty conscience, and help you overcome fear, doubt and discouragement once and for all.

This is a book that will jar you out of your “Christian rut” and give you new eyes for looking at EVERYTHING. It’s a quick, inspiring, and entertaining read.

In addition, if you get the book between May 1st to May 7th, you will also get 25 FREE GIFTS from 15 different authors including Leonard Sweet, Jeff Goins, Andrew Farley, Steve McVey, DeVern Fromke, Pete Briscoe, Frank Viola himself, and many others.

Over 47 Christian leaders have recommended the book including John Ortberg, Mary DeMuth, Jack Hayford, Tricia Goyer, Jon Acuff, Greg Boyd, Mark Batterson, Jenni Catron, Pete Wilson, Anne Marie Miller, and many others.

Pick it up and tell me what you think. 1GFP3Dsmall

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  • Tim Ogle

    I have read this and even reviewed it on my blog (timogle.wordpress.com).

    Frank Viola’s work continually inspires and sharpens me. He has a knack for challenging traditional thought by pointing to a more conservative question of things he addresses.

    I recommend his works to shake your interpretations into deeper study.

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