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Month: April 2013

Spiritually Sexy?…5 Q’s will let you know

Sexy – generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexystock> Miriam Webster (M-W.com) The Church has lost sight of a core command…be a “refection of Jesus.” That means when people see us, they should desire what we have, because they see an,  “attractive, interesting and appealing” Jesus in us. We are commanded to…”Go and make followers of all people.” Well, how do you “make”

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Why I always go to the Front

When I’m looking for a parking place…I drive to the front to the closest possible spot, why…not many do! They can’t imagine there is a great one just waiting for them. Not many pastors “drive to the front.” I mean not many have a great faith, an expectant faith that says, “I know God is

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Do Less. Do BETTER.


When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, one of the first things he did was slash the number of products Apple produced from almost 400 to just 10!

He understood one entity can’t do that many things well, and its been said that an organization is only as strong as its weakest product.

In churches, we have so much more at stake than a bottom line.

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My 3 Epic Fails on Twitter


We all fail, but I beilieve go BIG or go home. Well…When it comes to Twitter, it seems I fall on the fail side alot more than I do on the win side. Here are 3 times I’ve made some big epic fails on my twitter account.

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7 Confessions of a “Sucky” Pastor

I have been doing some form of pastoring for almost 30-years, and I have certainly been a sucky pastor on many occasions…so I hope you can learn from my failures and use them too… #1 I was a sucky  pastor when I…Allowed myself to get burned out I forgot a very simple fact. If you

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