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When should a godly Leader Retreat?

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Nowhere in Eph 6 are we given any protection for our backsides! I think there’s a good reason for that, we aren’t given permission to retreat.

Understand, I’m not talking about repentance, a changing of the mind, an encounter of real Truth where we turn from wrong beliefs and actions. I’m talking about turning back from the God path.

We only retreat if we feel we have made a mistake, or acted or moved out of a wrong motivation. Real godly leaders make sure they have room to turn, but never retreat. Our movement must always be forward. When we retreat we turn or unprotected back to our enemy, and that will surely result in injury.

Here are some mind-sets I think are vital in keeping a “No Retreat-No surrender” leadership lifestyle…

 #1 Never lose sight of your mission

Our mission it to “Help people find, follow and be like Jesus.” Any activity that doesn’t help in fulfilling our ultimate mission will not be “God powered” and therefore is really powerless.

#2 Always listen for God to speak fresh Vision

Our mission doesn’t change, but our vision (the next step) will constantly need new adjustments. God only knows what our next step really needs to be, so if we neglect the discipline of hearing God’s voice, we may miss our next move and leave ourselves in losing place.

#3 Make sure those running with you…are really with you

Those who engage in the battle with you will make the vision or break it. Most of us are so hungry for approval, someone to just fill a spot or just plain lonely we settle for the first person that seems willing and articulates the vision.

Don’t let these fleshly motivations sway  you to allow someone to run close to you, most of them will trip you up!

#4 Demonstrate and operate in the supernatural

Faith, real faith that God breathes into His anointed leaders is a supernatural thing. If you know you are where God told you to be, taking the ground you are taking, in the direction He told you to run, never ever, ever….Retreat!

Letting those you lead see you operating in that supernatural faith, will reassure and strengthen them in times of difficulty and doubt.

What in your role as a leader most tempts you to retreat?

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