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10 Things You will never Regret as a Pastor

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Regrets. We all have them in some form, some more than others. Regret is something easily righted if we only had the chance to do it over again.

As pastors, we rarely if ever, have the luxury of hitting rewind and trying it again. Having regrets as a pastor and leader is pretty par for the course, however, there are somethings I will never regret, see if you agree…

#1 – I’ll never regret… learning to hear God’s voice

#2 – I’ll never regret… putting my wife first

#3 – I’ll never regret… learning not to “people please”

#4-  I’ll never regret… investing in younger leaders

#5 – I’ll never regret… “giving it away” to a more gifted leader

#6 – I’ll never regret… believing God for the impossible

#7 – I’ll never regret… truly believing “the Lord added to their number”

#8 – I’ll never regret…giving grace to the fallen & wounded

#9- I”ll never regret…teaching my kids authenticity

10#- I’ll never regret… forming great friendships with other pastors

Those are some of my biggest. What is the biggest thing you will never regret?


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  • Romanian Missionary

    I’ll never regret… spending more time with God in prayer
    I’ll never regret… studying and reading God’s Word with more fervor and zeal
    I’ll never regret… standing for God and right even when it’s unpopular today
    I’ll never regret… selling out for Jesus and leaving the world behind forever
    There are many more I could add; these are just a few for starters… ~ Phil. 4:13 <

  • Todd Mangum

    I’ll never regret having God’s Word jump out and grab me by the throat — preaching to myself before a word of the sermon is heard by others.

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