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Month: February 2013

One Reason I don’t like being called a Christian

One of the things that disturb me most, and one that I see as destructive to the advancement of the Kingdom, is when one “brother eats another.” The world watches at a distance and says, “Why do those Christians do that to one another?” I don’t want to be counted among the “brother eaters.” I

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Be a Warrior not just a Soldier

It’s been said that war changes you. I firmly believe that to be true…but to be changed you have to engage on the battle field! A soldier is recruited into service, trained and  equipped, but what then? The soldier may stay on the “base” and just hang with the other soldiers. Continue training and sharpening

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Pass the Torch, BEFORE it goes out!

Everything has a season. A season of planting, of watering, harvesting & storing. Then comes the time when you have to begin to teach others around you to do what you do. When you intentionally impart ALL the wisdom gleaned through failures & victories for the sole reason of replacing yourself. Honestly, this is the

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