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Month: December 2012

4 keys to Last Minute Sermon Planning

If you don’t have your series and sermons planned out for 2013…you’re not alone! Many pastors and communicators wait until the last-minute to plan things out. Let me share with you what we’re doing and I hope it can help you to not be a “crunch time” planner. 1) Preach through the Bible every year

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4 Habits that keep Great Leaders from Quitting

(One of the top posts of 2012) Let’s be real, leadership ain’t easy. It can be tough, lonely, and bring us to many dark roads. The demands cause many to hang it up and quit altogether. They decide it’s not worth it anymore. When you get to that place, Go to this place. 4 things

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The BIG Pastor Killer!

After getting hit in the head with a bat… it seems you would learn not walk in front of the person swinging one at you. Well, I guess I’m not that bright! After many years of trying to be the most Kingdom building, productive, caring, loving and reproducing leader, I have been forced to face

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5 Signs of an Up and Coming Leader

In 1 Samuel 10 Saul is anointed as King over Israel. As soon as he was anointed as the leader… 5 signs occurred that I see in the leaders of today (or I should say the great anointed leaders of today). New Heart God changed everything about him. His new heart gave him the compassion,

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10 Questions You need to Answer before the New Year

I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions, but I’m a HUGE fan of transformations! I think any time we can turn a page and have a opportunity to ask ourselves some serious questions because we are facing a new chapter is a good thing. The beginning of a new year is a great time to

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