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Month: August 2012

Truth Dry Ground

3 big, bold truths to encourage church leaders

It’s tough. I know. I am one. I’m a church leader, and while we sometimes have a tendency to whine about the downsides of the job, let’s face it… it’s pretty stinkin’ awesome! The perks are pretty cool. We get to love on people and preach the gospel, and people often pay us to do

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The God choice is better than the godly one

The average American makes 35K decisions/day. Most of those are done… Instinctively… …or without thinking, or weighing pros and cons, i.e. what cereal to eat, flakes or O’s. But for the sake of distinction let’s say a CHOICE is when you weigh both sides and you do that… Intentionally… When we have to make a

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4 Vital Steps to Move what’s Stuck

You know when something’s not right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. How do you jump-start something when you don’t really know what’s broken? 1- Prayer That’s not a cliché’, but rather the most important thing when starting to implement any kind of change. Pray specifically for a opneess in your heart

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Disciples? If you Mean it, Measure it!

How does your church define a disciple? Salvation? Service? Small Group? Prayer? Devotion? Reproduction? Etc…. I read an article on customer service that pointed out a fact frequently over looked….  We Move what we Measure So, I don’t intend to convince you or alter your definition of what a true disciple of Jesus looks like or does. What I

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The 2-People You Gotta have in Your Life

“Show me the people that you are investing in right now, and I’ll tell you where you will be in five years” I had a mentor of mine tell me that several years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it. It rings truer and truer everyday. I was reminded of this when reading this passage the

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