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Month: July 2012

Don’t LOOK but LISTEN to find great staff

I hear leaders say… “I have been looking, but I haven’t found the right person yet.” In all honesty would should be said is, “I haven’t heard the right person yet.” I know that sounds strange, but that’s the way it was done all through scripture. The one that stands out is this…’ The Prophet

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Invention & Innovation…Where is the Action?

In the world of Apple, (As I saw on Biography) and the mind of those who really change things, There’s an ability to connect the dots between two things…

Invention and Innovation


They are able to take an idea (Invention) and make it plausible (Inovation) for the masses. And the catalyst between those two points must be… Action!

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Are You Religious or Real?

Are you Religious? Don’t answer to quickly. You may be surprised if you’re really open-minded and think about it. It’s something I have been asking and examining in my own life. I’m not sure if there is an “official” definition of religious but I have one that I feel defines it for me… “Religious ~ Any action done

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4 Stages of Winning People Like Jesus

This is what Jesus did… Let’s keep it simple. He… Invited a Crowd Every stop look at the number of people your life touches over the course of a week (Those inside and outside the Kingdom). Jesus used every opportunity to invite as many as He could to SEE the Kingdom through Him.  Influenced a

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4 Ingredients in the “Secret Sauce” of Marriage 4.0

Ever had something and you say… OOOOOweee that’s good! What is in this stuff??? Well marriage can be that way, especially  at 4.0 (Read Description Here) 1- Passion The heated pursuit of another with total engagement physically and emotionally Daily, DEMONSTRATE to your spouse how desirable they are to you Pursue one another as if your life

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