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Month: June 2012

In Love…Really?

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss

What’s it like to be in love…I mean really in love with you husband or wife? Well after almost 30-Years of it, and having gone through so many different seasons, some straight from heaven, and others from the pit of hell. 
I feel just qualified enough to touch on the subject ever so lightly. I know this, real love begins in your…
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Stay Thirsty my Friends…Here’s why

Agree with the context or not, I love the beer commercial where the most “Interesting man in the world” gives you his best advice…

“Stay thirsty my friends”

That is some of the greatest leadership advice you could get.. Stay thirsty!

Never become satisfied drink in all you can from as many sources that bring passion, inspiration or vision.

With complacency comes satisfaction and there’s is a great difference between satisfaction and contentment.

Never be satisfied, but always content

Satisfied ~ No need to move. No desire for anything else. Full, Fat and not looking for

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3-MUST DO steps to Impart Vision

We are all leaders in some way

Parenting, community, groups, church, industry or corporate. The rules apply across the board. And the same question greets each leader everyday, “How do I get those who follow me, to run with this vision?”

The answer, though quite complex, and vary within culture, community and context, I have come to believe the “Steps” to be quite simple…

Head ~ Heart ~ Hand

This is process must move from one step to the next, with great passion and patience. But, it must all begin with the…

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What is…The Sticks???

A question I get a lot. Because I lead the Network, when someone hears or reads about it, the big Q comes. So…What is “The Sticks?”

It’s a Network of gatherings to empower small city pastors and leaders to love, learn, and…

Lead BIG

The Sticks provides the resources for church planters, church pastors, and leaders to network together and learn principles that will help them make a BIG impact in their smaller city.

The Sticks is an Exponential Initiative. That means we partner with the Exponential Conference every year to do a pre-conference and conference breakouts.

Find us Here:

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The Sticks has several different types of gatherings throughout the year…

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Which of these-5 is Your Biggest Struggle

Us, them and those other people…

all have issues. The question is… how are we gonna deal with our own, and help those around us find victory and get through their problems.

My Friend Dino Senesi is a rock star! He has tremendous expereience in coaching Pastors and Planters for more than 20 years. In that time he has discovered that almost all the issues we deal with as Leaders fall in one of five areas.

God ~ Family ~ Health ~ Time ~ People


Then we ask ourselves five critical questions…

5-Questions about each area:

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