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5-Q’s Your Team Needs to Answer

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It’s so easy for a team to become fragmented and lose focus and effectiveness. We continue to check all the boxes, talk about our numbers and vision, but frankly all of that may be…Old and tired! We have to be in a state of mind where we constantly question, and adjust.

One of the best and simplest ways I found to do that is to ask the right questions, and let the team come to a united mind and purpose. We need to answer these five on a consistant basis…

Why are we doing “This”

If we begin with the why, it draws boundaries, and we can quickly recognize an element that is out of place. Knowing and starting with the Why will give fuel to the vision and direction.

What Must we do

Knowing the “What” drives home and clarifies conviction and calling. It identifies our core values and gives shape to what our church or organization should look like

What Must get Done

This question puts accountability into play. It makes us place metrics in place to know if we are winning, playing or not even showing up.

How are we going to do it

This forces systems and practices into place. One churches how will not look like another. We put the how in place for our Culture, Community and Context. The key…Make sure we are getting done what must be done.

Who is going to do it

Knowing how every team members responsibility is directly tied to the success as a whole is vital! Every activity that is needed in the “How” must be assigned to the right person and team. Seeing this will give clarity to the fact, no one, or no single component can stand alone.

These questions are simple, but if asked with the right mind set and conviction, they will help recognize deficiencies and aid in crafting a new simple more effective strategy.


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  • bill (cycleguy)

    Thanks for this Artie.  We are in the process of getting ready for a renovation of our space. These are good questions to take into the meeting tonight.  :)  Hope you are doing well. 

  • Mark McIntyre

    Glad you put “why” first. In the church, this question does not get asked often enough when programs are considered. We do stuff because we’ve always done it this way regardless of whether it is having any positive effect. We should know why we do something before we even consider how.

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