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5-Ways to Always BE Ready

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“Always Be ready, then you never have to get ready.”

That was a quote from Kenny Miles, a running back for the University of South Carolina. When asked how he performed so well when called upon at the last minute.

He said his dad always taught him that principle. That everyday he should work hard to be ready at any time, because he would never know when he would be called on.

I love that quote and think it has great application for leaders, especially those in the church. There are somethings we need to have written into our “Daily Code” that we know has to be done for us to stay “ready in season and out of season.”


Leaders are readers and readers are leaders. That has been stated over and over. But it’s true. We have to read a variety of sources from those agree with, disagree with, don’t understand, have great knowledge of and just trying to learn about. This keeps us well rounded and prepared to engage those we come into contact with.


Write down the things that really impact and speak to you. These include Scripture, sermons, blogs etc. Whatever inspires you, write then down in a place that you can access quickly and easily. I use Evernote and put them in several folders…

  • Passionate Sermons. These are my “Ole Faithful” topics that I could speak on passionately
  • Words to me. These are the things I feel God has spoken to me
  • Life Plan Inputs
  • Goals and dreams


It’s difficult, well really impossible to operate in the fullness God intended when you are at odds with someone else. We are called to be agents of reconciliation, and many times we need to start by being reconciled to someone else, before we can be fully engaged and hear clearly from God.


We have to learn to say no. Straight up… It may not make you the most popular, but it will help keep you sane. Have priorities that are driven by your Vision, Passion and Direction. If something comes up that wants your time, and it will make one of those suffer. Say NO!


If we give and invest in those around us, we will have loyalty and love around us always. Our lives should constantly be poured out into the lives of others that God has put there that will yield good fruit from our investment.


Understand, how they understand. That’s relevant. If you know and care about those around you, you will be ready to serve, love and speak life in a way they will understand it…. Remember, the power is in the PERCEPTION!

Can you think of another?


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