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Game Player or Game CHANGER. Which Are You?

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Regardless of what area of life you find yourself in or what arena you find yourself in, you probably know certain people that have changed that area of history. They’ve changed the arena that you live in everyday. They did something and it changed the way it was done by everyone else after.

People like:

  • Michael Jackson changed music.
  • Michael Jordan changed sports and the shoe industry.
  • Henry Ford changed transportation.
  • Billy Graham changed evangelism.
  • etc…

You see, every one of us ‘plays’ the game of life in whatever arena we’re playing in. We all play it. Some play it really well and do really good with it.


Every now and then, very seldomly, comes along one that changes the game… they change it for everyone around them and for those after them.

And then everyone plays it their way.

Until someone else changes it again.


What track are you on?

Game Player or Game CHANGER?

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