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Month: January 2012

Are you Paying For it? Twice?

The Isrelites constantly lost ground! As they followed God into the promised land and began to take the very ground God had promised, they would sin against God and then fall under His judgment. Consequently,

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Is Your Church Closed… For MLK Day?

Today is a national holiday honoring one of our countries greatest leaders. The question is… Is your Church office closed? Or, if it’s a smaller church, is the pastor or other PT staff given this day as a paid holiday? [polldaddy poll=5846109]

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You Really Want it that Bad?

It aint cheap!

If you really want to make a difference and be an agent of change with people and culture… All great minds, revolutionaries and world changers pay a very high price for their contributions.

The cost…

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I Think God loves… Simple.

“This is what the Church should be doing.”

Was the basic premise of the blog I read recently. They author was trying to explain, how the church has gotten off track, and in the first short paragraph he used these words…

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4-BIG Moves…Who is WITH You?

Big God moves… have a pattern



God has a great plan. The “Grand Plan” for the growth of His Kingdom. We don’t see this plan, but can see the fruits as it becomes visible around us.


When God gets ready to move,

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