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Month: December 2011

The Greatest ever Given, The 2nd Best Recieved

Merry Christmas! The greatest Gift ever given was unwrapped over 2000 years ago. The 2nd greatest gift is being unwrapped all day long…Here, near me, and far away. I am the most blessed man that has ever lived, or allowed to draw a breath. I will be unwrapping these gifts today… My Love relationship with

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Jesus Did These 4-Are you?

Do this… take a modern translation of Scripture and flip through all the Gospels in the New Testament, and just look at the “section summaries .” You know those little one-line descriptions giving a summary of what you are about to read.

I did that with my New King James study bible. I made a list of the actions that Jesus did publicly, during His earthly ministry.

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Sometimes…You CANT’ Reach it!


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The Best Place to Start as a Leader

There are many places you can start as a leader, but the best place is…The Beginning.

Leadership begins with Trust. No matter who you are, or who you are with, if you don’t have trust no one will care what you say. Trust is hard to earn, and very easy to lose. It’s an asset we must guard with great diligence.

I have seen three critical steps to being effective as a leader.

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4-Steps to Win. Every time!

Ever notice God is constantly “flipping the pages” of our lives? We go from place to place (page to page), and season to season (Chapter to Chapter). Some places are easy, some hard, some seem unbearable!

But in each place God wants us to Win It! Have victory in EVERY place, every page and in every season.

I have found these 4-steps to be invaluable to me in seeing that victory. Simple but very powerful…

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