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Month: November 2011

Are You Poisoning People?

Been talking this week how the Bible gives us the “What” we must do, but not the “How.” You can catch up Here…and  Here.

We can never fall in love with “How” we do things! The moment we fall in love with the “How” we become a Pharisee. I know that sounds a little harsh, but Jesus’ main contention with the Pharisee’s were there insistance of taking a command of God, and then telling everyone “how” to do it. What they could and could not do!

Jesus said they were like “broods of Vipers.” In other words, they injected venom and poison

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Do You have Your…”Now-How”

Yesterday  I talked about the Bible giving us the “What” but not the “How.” You can read it...Here.

Here’s the deal. I think we as Christ followers and especially the church have moved away from owning the outcome of how we do things. If “how” we do something, doesn’t produce the “what must happen”

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The Bible Tells You What…But not How

This is “What” you have to do. It’s very clear in the Bible what those things are…

                • Love God with all you got
                • Love others like yourself
                • Tell others about Jesus
                • Love your Bride like Jesus did His
                • Be Patient
                • Be Kind
                • And _________.
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Your Morality is Like Spam

Listen. Your morality is NOT a demonstration of the power of God. I have not met a person that wanted to follow Christ because they met someone and want to model their morality. Honestly, that is mostly a turn off to the Gospel. Our morality is not attractive, nor was ever meant to be.

What attracts, or what should attract others to us is the power

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