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Month: October 2011

Do you Know Your Followers?

The Father gave Jesus followers…

You have given me some followers from this world ~ John 17:6 (CEV)

Jesus knew who they were because the Father told Him…

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The Great Killer of… Many things!

Un-met Expectations can KILL! You know the feeling… You were expecting with all of your heart for “this”, instead you got “That!” We all have expectations, we have them in marriage, kids, team mates, weather, restaurants and friends..etc…

The problem is

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Are You Leading in Wisdom or Faith?

How you lead is important, but even more important is what you lead “in.” Most leaders lead in wisdom. They look, pray, seek counsel and then lead in the direction they feel is most wise.

But the wisdom from above

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What Makes You Different?

Are you different? I mean when someone outside of the Kingdom has the opportunity to get to know you…What makes you different? Or is there really no difference in what they see in you and say… the Muslim, Buddhist or moral driven individual that is loving, kind and generous.

What should they see?

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You will never win a foot race running on ONE LEG!

Never underestimate the power of unity. I’m not talking about unity in your church, but with your spouse. When God put the two of you together, He made the two of you ONE. You don’t have four-legs now, you only have two.

The importance of you and your spouse walking in unity will make or break all that God has in store for you. Your calling is not just yours, one leg can’t run a race. If you have a call, then you both have a call! If you don’t agree with that, you are on borrowed time. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” My wife recognizes my call

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