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INTENTIONAL. Multi-Ethnic Church

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A multi-ethnic church doesn’t just happen.

You have to be intentional in your ministry approach. If you are not intentional, you probably will never have a true multi-ethnic church.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It must be a core value – Put it down on paper that your church values being multi-ethnic. If it’s important enough to think, it’s important enough to write down and become a guiding principle.
  • It will not occur organically – It is human nature to migrate to people like ourselves… people that have fun like us, look like us, and dress like us. We must find ways to break that tendency.
  • You must be balanced in all areas of ministry – People have to see that the leadership of the church is diverse before the congregation will be. Hire staff that reflects muli-ethnicity as well. If you can’t hire people find volunteers that can act as staff.
  • You have to avoid extremes – Stay middle of the cultural road with key elements such as music, dramas, illustrations, etc.
  • There will always be tension pulling on both sides – This is a great place to apply the 100/80 rule. If 100% of the people are happy 80% of the time, you’re doing well.
  • You have to form intentional relationships – You have to step outside your comfort zone and build genuine relationships with people of a different ethnicity. This will take some hard steps, but is sooo sweet once you get it.


  1. Good post!

  2. Good stuff Artie. Agreed that this needs to be intentional.

    The more I experience life in church leadership, the more I find myself coming to God in prayer because there is more broken than I can fix. In a multi-ethnic situation, I imagine the brokenness and disconnection would be even greater. So I would add copious amounts of prayer to the list.

  3. How is your network different, distinct from Mosaix’s?

  4. turnedout says:

    Love this!

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