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3 Pieces to Running the Leadership Race

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Many are running in the leadership race.

Many aspire to lead, encourage, mobilize & transform people, places & even culture.

However, there are 3 important and essential pieces to running a great and worthwhile leadership race…

1. TruthTruth is a non-negotiable.

If a leader ever sacrifices their integrity as a short cut to climb the ladder faster, they will cut their own legs out from under themselves. When those who follow were polled and asked, “What is the one thing most desirable in a leader?”, they responded, “Integrity.” Don’t mess this component up. VITAL.

2. HumilityHumility keeps you from being threatened by the talented people around you.

You have no fear in “pushing” others up. You look for opportunities to praise others and avoid receiving it for yourself. True humility will attract high powered leaders to you  and your team. Never think you have to be the best at everything. Be humble. Realize that your job is to make your team BETTER.

3. Justice Justice in a leader shows up in their concern for the ones unable to defend themselves.

They don’t turn a blind eye to their team member or colleague that can’t defend themselves. Great leaders rally around the defenseless and make protecting and defending them a PRIORITY

With these 3 foundations to build on, great leaders will run the race in VICTORY

Psalms 45:4 (TLB) 
Go on to victory, Defending truth, humility, and justice. Go forth to awe-inspiring deeds!

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  • Matt

    Fantastic Thoughts.  I’ve not seen a take on leadership from Psalm 45 before.  I’m especially convicted by your comments on humility and justice.  I think so many leaders take the truth to heart and forget about justice and especially humility.  Many, in fact, become puffed up because they preach the truth.

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