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Month: August 2011

3 Pieces to Running the Leadership Race

Many are running in the leadership race.

Many aspire to lead, encourage, mobilize & transform people, places & even culture.

However, there are 3 important and essential pieces to running a great and worthwhile leadership race…

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Give it A BREAK. Right NOW!

Give it a BREAK. Seriously, stop and take a break!

Life comes at you full force and full speed most day. Our tendency? We wanna ride that bull to the ground!


That attitude will put you in an early grave. As Christ followers we have to learn this lesson every day, and re-learn it again.

Psalms 46:10 (ESV) 
Be still, and know that I am God.

That means, we stop, and realize we can’t ride this bull to the ground and win!

The bull ain’t gonna stop.

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Let’s Have One Look… At a Time

Vision is a strange thing.

As leaders we must have a vision or those who follow will perish, but… we can only show a part of a vision at a time.

If a strong visionary unloads everything that God has shown, allow all to taste what they have eaten, give all the same portion they have been entrusted with, it would crush those who follow. The challenge is to know how much to pour into those around you, without letting them feel overwhelmed. But share enough so they will have faith, and believe God with you..

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10 Reasons Why…WWJD-Is Not Good!

What Would Jesus Do?

Never really liked that phrase. There is to much room for “interpretation” with that mind set. I have seen so many people in and outside the church harmed so deeply by the “religious” and those with judgmental mind-sets!

When you can “interpret” WWJD,

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The Next Apple CEO… a Church-Planter!

Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO yesterday. Well, he’s done it before but it seems this is the real deal. Yeah, they have a succession plan, and this moment has been thought through from a thousand different angles. However, I would like to nominate…A Church Planter for the position!

Here’s why…


Church planters are some of the most creative people on the planet. They are forced to think outside, inside…

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