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The COST of Gaining ONE

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Building the Kingdom is full time. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, we should be building the Kingdom. But, that always comes at a cost. Living and loving for the Kingdom takes sacrifice and the willingness to be misunderstood or rejected. Many of us aren’t willing to pay that price, well…because it hurts!

It hurts to be misunderstood by friends and family. It hurts to be rejected by piers and those we seek approval. But this is the deal, we must BUILD the Kingdom! We must live a life of love and acceptance toward those outside the Kingdom if we are to win even one. But many times that comes at a price.

Things we may lose building the Kingdom…

1- Friends. Some will not understand your devotion and time given to others and not them

2- More Friends. Some will become bitter at your acceptance of others. They will reject you.

3- Acceptance. To be popular in  Christian circles, you have to be in that circle. Takes all your time!

4- Time. Investing in people takes time… over time. This is not a microwave process.

5- Disappointment. When loving those outside the Kingdom, we experience many disappointments.

These are but a few costs we will incur on our journey of building the Kingdom, and making disciples. But whatever the price may be we must be willing to pay it. It is our calling, or commission to emulate Jesus. This means we intentionally give our lives to those who don’t have life.

What are you willing to pay to see just ONE come into the Kingdom? Ask yourself that question honestly,  and answer it honestly. That question and its answer will determine the future of  your Kingdom impact.

I pray it is mighty! What say you? What are you willing to pay?

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  • bill (cycleguy)

    Of your list Artie, I would say I am willing to sacrifice Acceptance for the kingdom.  I want to be part of the No Perfect People Allowed bunch and I know that means being with some, and accepting some, who will be shunned by others.  One I am not willing to sacrifice is my family.  is that bad? 

    • Anonymous

      If you were to sacrifice your family you would be destroying part of the Kingdom! God never calls us to sacrifice part of the Kingdom to gain another part. Just like our bodies. We cannot sacrifice our health in the name of “reaching others.” No!

      Our call is to sacrifice what we would want in the flesh to gain what is not of flesh. Our time, energies, hobby choices and money are just a few.

      Great Q Bill!

  • Parentingbegins

    I sacrifice sleep and personal “want tos”.  I have learned most of my personal want tos never fill me up long enough or prepare me to accomplish a God-opportunity.  Sure they are a pleasure but only while I am doing them.  My presonal want tos rarely bring a lasting, get me through tomorrow, next week, or next month.  They rarely give me the energy or feeling of strength to change the things on earth becuase they do not release the will of God (Matt 6:10).  Sure, they are enjoyable for the moment but when we reach a particualr depth in our relationship with God, time with Him is joy and fulfillment poured into the need we really have with our “want tos”.  And when my God time is over I can face the storm with peace, the sorrow with joy, the stress with happiness, and the rejection with love.  Then my want tos do not consume my life with short term results.  My want tos don’t keep be from being able to seize the opportunties God puts in my path.  My want tos are now focused on God.  Time with Him strengthens me.  Time with His people seizing a God-opprtunity last a lifetime!  That is joy everlasting.    

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