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Nothing-ness is the MOST You Can Have

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Ever been at “Nothing?” When what you thought you knew, no longer seems right. The place you were going feels like a waste land? I’ve been there. Honestly, those are some of the most incredible times of life. I know it doesn’t “feel” that way, but it’s really exciting.

When at a place of Nothing-ness, it’s a blank canvas for God. We allow Him to do and speak fresh vision and creativity into us. When we are at Nothing-ness, we are the most open to new ways and paradigms. We realize or dependance on the leading and plans of God more than when running after something we “feel” is the most important.

I’m not saying we don’t run after the visions and passions God lays before us, we must. But even while running we need to run in “nothing-ness” where we abandon all ownership, and run as bond-slaves. It’s to easy to take God’s plan, and then make it ours, we add, subtract or modify thinking we are still with God’s vision. When in reality we have plagiarized God’s work!

Run today my friends, run with reckless abandonment, but run in “nothing-ness” it will keep you in the race, the right race, and you will win the race!

Is that a place you are willing to run?

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