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Month: July 2011

Big Question! Are You Willing…?

This is an incredible video that sums up our call and purpose as individuals and as the church. The message is simple but  very powerful. See if you are willing…

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7-Questions I would Ask Jesus in a Coaching Session

I really believe in coaching, mentoring and helping others be their best. Even though I have yet to find the “Perfect Coach” I know Jesus certainly would be. So if I could have a sit down with my Master and ask Him somethings about church and leadership, this is what I think I would ask…


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Jesus Said (?)…”Bring Yo Ass On”

I heard this on Matthew Turner’s blog Jesus Needs New PR the other day. I just died laughing, but the thought behind it is kinda good, you just have to be open minded. Just in case you’re wondering this is the verse in context: Matthew 21:2 (KJV) Saying unto them, Go into the village over

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Kill our Own Food, Drink Beer, Watch War Movies & Break Stuff!

I was recently invited to a

“Real Man Weekend”

where the description was… When we “Kill our own food, drink beer, watch war movies and break stuff.” Honestly the description left me laughing uncontrollably, and resounded with something deep in my soul. Then it turned to a reflection, “Why does that sound so inviting?”

If you are a “Real Man” and wanted to plan a weekend

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Are We Preaching…Practice or Principle

What we preach and practice is huge! Preach and practice. If you can’t practice what is preached you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believe when we preach, it should answer the question “How do I do this when I leave?” That type of preaching I call “Practice” preaching. Teaching

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