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Four Vital Steps to Finishing Well

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Day in and Day out. Some days are better than others, but everyday comes with the challenge and responsibility to make it count. We must make it count, here’s why…

Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong  and do the work.”

1 chr 28:10

I love this verse, straight and to the point! It’s so applicable to where we are everyday. I think we need to remember these same…Fout Steps.

God has chosen me for something Great

I’m not just a nobody, God has His hand on me and has a great “mission” for me to accomplish.

My calling is about building

In some way, we each have a job in building God’s great Kingdom here on earth. All of our jobs will look different in some way. But we are all builders of something great and eternal.

I must BE Strong!

Our calling is not for the weak or cowardly of heart. This is real battle! We have to build and fight at the same time every day. We will be tempted to stop everyday. But…We must BE strong! We must be courageous!

We have to DO the Work!

It’s not enough to know our calling, see the plans before us and engage for a season. No! We must DO, we must finish. We must fight the good fight, we must finish the race, we must keep the faith.


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  • Scott Couchenour

    I about jumped out of my chair when I read #3 above, Artie. Yes! It’s a battle we are in. Strength is what sustains us. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t see the value of rest and rhythm. They think it’s for the weak-minded or self-absorbed. Not true.

    We can only go full out for so long before we need to replenish our energy. As someone once said, “How many of you have been too busy driving your car to get gas?”

    • Anonymous

      Good word Scott! It’s funny, I was talking on Skype with a leader in Calif yesterday and he said his Skype was messing up…but he was to busy to REBOOT! I told him to hang up, repent and reboot! I think I will write a blog about that :)

  • Doll Creelman

    “”How many of you have been too busy driving your car to get gas?”  Scott, I so agree with that statement.  Running the race, finishing the plan, means taking care of ourselves to rest, good nutrition and time with family and friends are such a blessing from God!

    Great post Artie!  I love seeing things broken down to the simplest levels.  Easy to see, learn and follow.  Time for me to follow through with what I start.

  • Jeremy Postal

    This is timely for me. I have 5 weeks left serving on staff at my church of 10 years – a church that I love to the very core. It’s weird though, it is taking everything in me to stay focused and do my job with the same passion I had at the beginning. Thanks for the reminder to put my head down and keep going.

    Any other advice from commentors would be hugely appreciated!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing your adventure Jeremy. When I have been in those places, I always tell myself that “I’m in God’s plan and employ, this is not the end of a job, but part of the beginning of my next assignment, so I must finish well!”

      That mind set really helped me. Blessings my brother.

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