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Is “Sexting” With your Spouse OK?

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“You guys do the “Sexting” thing?”

This was the discussion the other day with a group of friends, and surprisingly many of them engaged in regular “Sexting” with their mates.

Just in case you don’t know what that is. According to Wikipedia…

Sexting – is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first popularized around 2005.

Honestly I had no idea that these Christian leaders were into this. The ones I spoke to said they really loved it and it added some “spice” and “anticipation” to their relationship.

So here is the question…(All responses are completely anonymous)

So…What say you?



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  • bill (cycleguy)

    IMHO: I think this is like a lot of other things between couples.  If it is okay with both then I see nothing wrong with it.  However, if one sees it as dirty or disgusting, then it would be wrong to carry on with it.  I know what my wife’s response is because I asked her about it once.  Once.  :) 

  • Kennyd

    No way. Too many holes in the security systems that are supposedly keeping our data (READ: neked pics of ourselves/spouses) from ending up on a website somewhere.

    I am not opposed to married couples showing each other their skin, but it is just too easy for that show to become a public one.

  • jennifer eckert

    My thought is maybe…but there is always the issue of accidentally texting the wrong person and that could be bad on all levels…if both halves of the couple are OK w/ it then do it carefully because of the above.  The last thing you want to do is text one of your parents or pastor something you meant for your spouse.

  • M4Faith

    I do not see how this particular form of intimate communication is different than leaving a note for your spouse telling them how attractive they are to you…among other things. I say “sext” away married couples. If there was a little more sexting going on perhaps there would be a few less Christian divorces. 

    • Buddy Knight

      That can happen without mobile devices.  There are quite a number of stories of hotel rooms being compromised and neighbors being hi-tech peeping Toms & Tinas.

      I think we need to be prudent, but not completely paranoid about it.

      Just my $0.02.

  • Griptures

    Sexting might actually make it easier for couples to communicate about intimate issues. Just make sure that private conversations stay private!

  • Lloyd B.

    I would say that it is alright! However, I would suggest, like others that already have, to be discreet about it though. To me, this means NO PICTURES! Besides, pictures like this would border on pornography anyway. Plus, I would hate to have a picture accidentaly going to the wrong person. Especially if it ended up going to one of my kids, or to one of my pastor friends. So, go ahead, use your little codes that tell your spouse that you love them and that you can’t wait until they come home!

  • Larri at Seams Inspired

    Sex is a gift from God to be shared between a husband and wife. Sexting has the potential to be seen by others, destroying the intimacy of the couple; therefore, abusing the gift.

    Interesting/controversial post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michael Cortes

    Absolutely. Is it the same as any other communication between a married couple? yes. Is sex and sensuality ok between them?  yes.  What if someone intercepts it, on accident? on purpose?  So what?  Afraid that you take part in sex and sensuality with your spouse?

    • ArtieDavis

      Good thoughts Michael, if it ever becomes public, just make sure it’s OK between husband and wife. 

  • Kimtqa

    Good question in this day and age, and here’s my answer. I can’t stop hearing Paul say, “and let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth [ever].” Sending pics a definite no-no, for the obvious reasons. One being your children or some innocent person might see you or your spouse in a provocative pic and that can/would be damaging. Also, God tells us to be holy, for He is holy. I don’t see sexting as a very “holy” act. To each his own, but to me, I don’t think it’s okay or appropriate. I think it’s a Christians way of justifying porn between them and their spouse. And then last, but not least, if you’re okay with Jesus seeing/reading the texts, then go for it.

    • :-)

      Really? I think you are really stretching it….I’m sure Jesus is watching married couple have sex!? Or everyone for that matter…is sexting a “holy” act? Do you know what “holy” means? Justifying porn???? Really!

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