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Month: June 2011

Will You Embrace those…Scratched off the List?

A friend was telling me a story recently how he was part of putting together a team to serve on a project. Some members pulled a list of possibilities. On the list were some names that had been scratched off.(Scratched off)

When questioned, those who compiled the list whispered “Oh you know, they can’t be on the team, they have done_______.”

NO! We must be a church of and for those “scratched off the list!” I don’t know about you, but I’m one that was scratched off the list! The church is not a place where

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VITAL! Christians MUST be Active in Social Media

If you have friends, staff, pastors or leaders that are still running from Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, they need a good cold slap of reality! Social Media is the most powerful, fastest moving form of communicating and opportunity to convince and influence others in the Gospel. It happens EVERY 60-SECONDS!

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I ONLY want to be with people that SUCK

When you are with people that suck at something, it makes you feel like you are good at it! I was reminded of this recently when trying to learn to swim laps in the pool. Everyone there was better than me! I hated that! I felt like a dufus, experiencing humiliation and drownage at the same time.

I thought…Dang where are the people that suck

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5-Leadership Secrets of Jesus

When I study how Jesus led, there’s differences in what He did and what we tend to do now. Some of those may be cultural driven, but I think most are “man” driven. We feel we’ve found a way to improve on how Jesus did it. Aaaannnkkk! Wrong!

These are some of the “secret” (the only thing that makes them secrets is that most don’t use them) Leadership strategies I see that Jesus used:

1- Jesus prayed and fasted all night asking God who He should bring on His team.

2- Jesus chose the “uneducated and untrained.” He didn’t choose leaders, He built His own.

3- Jesus trained His followers by example, and then empowered them to do the same.

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3-Things First-In Developing Church Diversity

I’m often asked, “How do we make our church diverse?” The answer to that question can be somewhat lengthy depending on where you are in the process. But, I love simple processes so I like to tell leaders and Pastors you need to do…

Three things…First.

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