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7 Signs of a “Make it or Break it” Team

If you are a leader and have a team that follows, you really need to know how good they really are. Sure when you are around, they may seem great, but what if you aren’t around, what then?

I have been experiencing some health issue (not sure what it is, going for more tests this morning), [Read more...]

THANK YOU For Serving, so we can Serve in Freedom

To all my friends and fellow lovers of freedom. We celebrate and salute you with grateful hearts.

Because of your past or current service to our country we continue to be…

The land of the Free and home of the Brave!

And our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those whose lives were lost in defense of these great freedoms, we will never forget, or allow history to dim the great sacrifice that was given.

Thank you!

God Comes Through In Hard Times


Fight for your KIDS!


Village Kids 1st Time on Cell Phone

My wife was in the village called “Henry Village” today in Liberia West Africa. Her parents ministered in Liberia for 33 years. Her fathers name was Henry, and died of cancer in 2002. 

We have found some land and are making arrangements to purchase some land and “adopt” the village. When my wife was there today, talking to me the village kids wanted to say “Hello” to the “American O-Pa” in America.

Love my wife’s heart, passion, faith and vision. I am truly blessed to have such a partner in building the Kingdom! [Read more...]

God! Can you Just tell me WHY?

Honestly. We all ask that question, but I think that’s the wrong question. Our question should be… What? What next? There are so many things that come into play with the WHY?

Looking at the beautiful daughter of our worship pastor’s little 2-year old daughter who had a a drowning last week and is fighting everyday. I know when I stood over her and prayed for her, the question comes…WHY? [Read more...]

Men. You Gotta let your Woman Roam!

I am sitting at home…Alone! My wife is in Liberia, West Africa (Her home where she was born). She is there doing great work for Think Liberia.

My oldest daughter and son-n-law are there as well, helping serving and putting things in order for the huge work God has for us to do.

My youngest daughter just left to study abroad for the summer in Spain. (Her boyfriend is here crying and crap, trying to get him to man up). So it’s just me and my son. All the women in my life  are out of the country.

After 30 years of marriage I can say I finally get it! I have to be just as much of a support to my wife as she is to me. She is incredibly powerful and gifted, and doing huge Kingdom things. It’s easy to be unsettled by that.

But my brothers, please trust me when I tell you this...Letting your wife Go with God, to Roam after His calling is sooo powerful. It brings such a dynamic to your relationship, it takes it to another level.

So just let me encourage you. I know it’s hard as a man to let your mate have freedom. It somehow feels like an insult to your manhood. Get over it. That’s the enemy trying to get you to hold her back! Don’t fall in that trap.

You will be much more powerful and do far greater things for God when you both have the freedom to listen and run after God fully supported by one another.

So…Let your woman roam. You will not be sorry, and the Kingdom will be greater!

What say you…Men and Women of God?