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7 Signs of a “Make it or Break it” Team

If you are a leader and have a team that follows, you really need to know how good they really are. Sure when you are around, they may seem great, but what if you aren’t around, what then?

I have been experiencing some health issue (not sure what it is, going for more tests this morning), [Read more…]

THANK YOU For Serving, so we can Serve in Freedom

To all my friends and fellow lovers of freedom. We celebrate and salute you with grateful hearts.

Because of your past or current service to our country we continue to be…

The land of the Free and home of the Brave!

And our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those whose lives were lost in defense of these great freedoms, we will never forget, or allow history to dim the great sacrifice that was given.

Thank you!

God Comes Through In Hard Times


Fight for your KIDS!


Village Kids 1st Time on Cell Phone

My wife was in the village called “Henry Village” today in Liberia West Africa. Her parents ministered in Liberia for 33 years. Her fathers name was Henry, and died of cancer in 2002. 

We have found some land and are making arrangements to purchase some land and “adopt” the village. When my wife was there today, talking to me the village kids wanted to say “Hello” to the “American O-Pa” in America.

Love my wife’s heart, passion, faith and vision. I am truly blessed to have such a partner in building the Kingdom! [Read more…]