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25 Million People wanna watch your church on-line

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Never doubt your on-line power. Never doubt your churches’ ability to effect lives by having your services streamed live!

I was reading this last night and it blew my away. Over…

25 Million People have tuned in to watch this live!

It’s an eagles nest. Come on now. I love nature and animals too. But, 25M people!!! If that many people are willing to watch a boring little bird nest, they would love to watch and hear lives being changed, a message of hope and grace and music that lifts their soul to heaven. I hope that’s what you’re doing in your church.

Come on church…We gotta keep up!

What say you?


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  • Mojoebates

    Why do 25M people log on to see eagles in a nest? Because there is no strife. There is no judgement. There is no condemnation. It is the version of hope and love that God has which can’t be defiled. All of nature teaches of God and for many, this is the most unadulterated version they see. (Lk 19:40) God is speaking to everyones heart (Rom 2; 1:18-20). Don’t condemn the direct testimony of nature, we should emulate it instead. The gospel is so simple that even a family of eagles could share it.

    • Mojoebates

      Wanted to add that this is not condemnation for any ministry. This is simply another ministry. The internet is a powerful tool. Almost as powerful as nature itself…maybe not.

    • Anonymous

      Would never “condemn” the testimony of nature. But watching that doesn’t and never will preach the Gospel, bring a healing touch, create friendship or give direction for life.

      Nothing wrong with watching it, but it can’t change a life, only Jesus can do that.

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