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Month: April 2011

Missional, Incarnational, Attractional, Practical, Biblical…the Gospel

These are such hot and hip words right now. Some use them in such a way that makes others question if they are speaking the same language or talking about the same thing.

I love all these words, at least as those I trust define them. However, I won’t let these words describe me. The reason is…the meaning may change. These words, or some other form were probably “hot” 100, 500 a 1000 years ago. 

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Plan + Process + No Power = Failure

Listening and talking with church leaders over the last several days has left me scratching my head.

Too many do not believe Christ’s promise that he would endow the Church with spiritual power, they doubt that His promise is to every believer. Consequently the church has no faith to lay hold of Chirst’s Power. ~ Chalres Finney

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5-Things That Make an Influencer

Leaders what to be influencers. We know that “Influence” is the basis of leadership. The team or group we lead, requires us to have influence with them. But what about other leaders…

Many leaders want to have influence with the influencers. What makes that happen? What makes a leader of leaders?

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The Biggest Bat to Your Leadership

PRIDE! It’s so nasty. If you desire to be an effective leader, pride can’t show up on your screen.

  • It busted Heaven’s “A” team up
  • Got one of the greatest of all time thrown outta heaven
  • It produced the most vile, evil enemy in the history of mankind
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7 Reasons I love the “Under Dog” Pastor

Not every pastor is a Superstar. Not every pastor gets to write books, main line at conferences or see their names in print. The majority are just following their call the best they know how.

Most of the pastors I know hurt a lot, they struggle with their marriage like everyone else. They aren’t sure how to balance things with their kids and consider quitting at least once a week!

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