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Only a WHITE CHURCH would do this!

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This is heart breaking, but…(I’m also laughing out loud)

It never ceases to amaze me how much churches divide the community, and mostly out of ignorance. Most simply don’t have the right mind-set to reach their WHOLE community…

God has called His church to reach all of His creation, not just a segment. If you are going to “Reach out to the community” you have to reach out to ALL of it.






I love Diversity!

What say you?

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  • Mojoebates

    Can you clarify the division? Certainly I wouldn’t really want to partake of the testicles, but I couldn’t read the poster very well either.

    • Anonymous

      Joe, you cant be serious? What part of that meeting or church will be “attractive” to the African Americans, or Latino population.

    • j_Denson

      Where’s the part that says this is for “white folk”? If you’re assuming only white people eat testicles you’d be wrong. At Cattleman’s Steakhouse in OKC I was one of the few white guys at the table and the only one that wouldn’t eat “Lamb Fries”. The “brothers” were digging in.

      I may have missed some fine print in your pic where it said only white people can come.

      • Anonymous

        The only way a church wins a city is by “REFLECTING” the city. I don’t think that city is all about eating testicles. Come on…

        • j_Denson

          It seems like a gimmick…”come have a ball with Jesus!”…a funny aproach to a simple community get together. It’s not a racial thing, because I’m white and testicles are not appealing to me either. It’s in Jacksonville Texas which is a cattle ranching community that’s part of their culture. Just like when I was in OKC at the table with four black men an one Hispanic man who were all from OKlahoma and I was the only one not eating “balls”. They said they grew up on them. That’s different than my culture growing up in Tampa, Fl.

          • Anonymous

            Jacksonville Texas is only 42% White, 25% Black & 32% Hispanic. This is called a “Cowboy” church! I don’t think calling yourself a cowboy church and eating testicles is going to qualify as an “Outreach” to the community.

            It’s not that they are being racist, they just aren’t trying to reach the WHOLE community. Go to the web site and there is nothing but white people there… Case made.

          • j_Denson

            Paul said be “ALL things to ALL people”…somtimes you gotta be a ball eater, Artie. lol

            I get what you’re saying. There are many ways to do church. I happen to love what I’ve seen out of CCC, but there are thise out there who would say you do church wrong too.

            Just be fair with it. Follow this blog up with how you dislike the AME, and title it “only in a BLACK CHURCH”. I’m just not a fan of spotlighting someone as being “wrong”, when you could simply just teach “right”.

            Like I said, I know black and hispanic cowboys who love to eat some balls. 😉

          • Anonymous

            You are so right. I hate “spotlighting someone as being “wrong”, when you could simply just teach “right”. I totally agree. I generally don’t do that, but when something is so way out that it really just makes you laugh, I can’t resist!

            Thanks Johnnie! I haven’t found any of those “ball eating” brothers, maybe some will chime in?

          • Mrod

            As an Hispanic Cowboy all I gotta say is: only a WHITE GUY from the city would think only white guys are cowboys :)

          • Anonymous

            Ha! Good one, I’m white (Well maybe half) not from the city, more redneck really. But that’s funny

  • Michael

    This is one brother that can honestly say that, while I have eaten lots of strange things, I WILL NOT be ordering balls off of ANY menu any time soon. Photos aside, I do wonder what the ethnic make up of their church is…

  • Vicky Ann Hunt

    I am of the opinion that this would be a “regional thing” as opposed to a “white thing.” Therefore, I would see it as appropriate for the community. Hey, maybe we are not evangelizing the Texans among us here in Georgia, if you take your post literally. I think that a church that keeps it real and personal will reach all cultures in their region.

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