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Month: March 2011

7-Ways to Be a PLAYER not a PAYER

A friend of mine was tired one afternoon, and decided to watch some football. His son comes in with a football in his hands, tossing it up and catching it,  and says to his dad…

“You want to WATCH football or you want to PLAY football?”

A false sense of accomplishment comes when we watch something exciting happen right before our eyes. Like we really helped by screaming at the Ref’s or cheering for our team.

Watching and playing are not the same!

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Church Planting…Bruce Lee style

I love the take no prisoners attitude of Bruce Lee. He wasn’t content following the same “systems” others said needed to be followed. Bruce Lee was bold enough to be original. To follow his passion, regardless of what it looked like.

I believe this to be the new frontier of church planting. Where we are willing to sacrifice the “sacred cows” for the sake of rapid church planting and Kingdom growth. Not holding to the standards of man, but humbly submitted to God’s.

Put these on the tabele, what is generally taken off:.

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Give your kids a $1M dollars. Then tell them this…

We give our kids $1M. Well, that was the “hypothetical” question my wife and I were talking about the other day. We have 3-Kids, oldest girl (24) married, youngest daughter (20) in college and a son still at home (15).

If we could bless each of our kids with a wad of cash like that,

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How to LEAD all the TIME, without Leading ALL the TIME

  • Know what it feels like to pull someone else? I mean really carry the load? Like pulling someone in a wagon, carrying a load up a hill. That’s what leadership is. It’s carrying the load of vision and the pace.


We formed “PaceLines” when I was into cycling. Those are lines where you form a single line and “Draft”

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Engage the Culture, or lose those in it!

“Whatever it takes! “That’s what I tell people all the time. As a church and as an individual, we need to do whatever it takes to see people come into the Kingdom.

People lead people into the Kingdom. In order for that to occur, you have to be where they are,

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