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Month: February 2011

Nine Essentials for lasting Change

Having guided businesses, churches and organizations through many large changes and observing others who have navigated the same waters, I have noticed some essentials in making change occur and lasting…

1- Communication

For real, lasting change to occur it has to be clearly and masterfully communicated. Which means you need the ability to communicate the idea well, and a platform from which to communicate it. Cater your presentation to those you are communicating to. Different audience, different form of communication. Absorption is the goal!

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Ministry going to the…”Dogs”

These are some of our dearest friends that are really making a difference. They rescue abused dogs, and then train them to go into the Public School systems and teach “Biblical” principles with amazing results. Watch this… You can find out more about them here: Healing Species

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Cool way…Not to pay for your Waffle

10 -15 people ran out of the business (Waffle house) without paying A waitress said the unknown boisterous male entered the Waffle House around 3:30 a.m. When a security officer asked him to calm down, “he began yelling and screaming profanity.” …between 10 and 15 people ran out of the business without paying. The waitress

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4 Ways to keep your “Fire burning”

“Command the Israelites to bring…pure oil…in order to keep the lamp burning continually.” Lev24:2

How is your lamp doing? I think about Jesus saying our “Lamp” should not be put under a basket, but set up so it can give light to all those around. You know, your lamp has to be on fire to give out light. So here’s the question…

How do you, to keep your Lamp burning?

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Nothing to Prove or Anyone to Impress

“You have nothing to Prove & No one to Impress”   Larry Osborne

I was at a video recording for the Leadership Network recently and heard Larry use this quote while telling the story of when he was young in ministry and feeling pressured and stressed out. These were the words told to him by his mentor.

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