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3-Most FREEING words in the Bible!

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A “down time” in church “stuff” came a few years back.

You know things aren’t growing the way you want, people aren’t stepping up the way you think they should. You are praying for new leaders and the number seems to dwindle, rather than g…row! Then one morning, while

crying out to God in normal whinny fashion God gave me this…

the Lord added… (Acts 2.47)  Wow!

I can’t add a thing! It is not my responsibility…, only God can add souls, volunteers, staff, leaders and givers! How freeing that was! I understood that my role in the Kingdom was to obediently do what God had called and told, the RESULTS did not depend on me!

If you ever step over the line, and start to feel guilty or a a sense of “disappointment” because your ministry or church is not meeting YOUR expectations, watch out! You are setting yourself up for a world of hurt. That’s not your job, and don’t you dare try to do it! The Lord, and the Lord only can ADD…

Have you ever had difficulty with trying to do God’s job?

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