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Month: January 2011

Are you an UGLY bridge?

A great friend of mine took this photo…

it took him forever to get the shot just right, and it shows the beauty and majestic presence of this beautiful bridge. It got me to thinking… we are supposed to be like bridges for people.

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Jesus Didn’t win the World!

Jesus didn’t win the world…

Jesus had a tribe of 12. He didn’t come to win the world but came to die for the world! He invested in and equipped a tribe of 12 that did win the world! What a great challenge for leaders!

Jesus didn’t spent His earthly ministry trying to do everything

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3-Most FREEING words in the Bible!

A “down time” in church “stuff” came a few years back.

You know things aren’t growing the way you want, people aren’t stepping up the way you think they should. You are praying for new leaders and the number seems to dwindle, rather than g…row! Then one morning, while

crying out to God in normal whinny fashion God gave me this…

the Lord added… (Acts 2.47)  Wow!

I can’t add a thing! It is not my responsibility…,

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How to INCREASE your effectiveness. 3-Parts

Whole is that which has beginning, middle and end~ Aristotle

When your desire is to be effective and maximize your investment of time, energy and resources, it’s vital to have a vision for the project, product or person. You nave to be able to answer the Questions, “What is my ultimate goal here?”, “Where am I in this?”…

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God Speaks and…Babies POP-OUT!

I was reading this past week about the life and call of Abraham. You know the story…

Old brutha (Impotent!) married to old sista (Past menopause!) and God says I am going to make it so you (Abraham) can “make a baby” and you (Sarah) can conceive a baby. Well, some time after that promise, they got impatient so… Abraham hooks up  with Hagar and Bam! Here comes Ishmael (1 Down).

That  was a bad move. But, finally Sarah gives birth to Isaac, Yeah! Go Abe! You da man!

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