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6-Ways! If what you’re using aint moving… DISMOUNT

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“If the horse you’re riding is dead, dismount.” This is an old saying, which means, “if what you are using is not moving…dismount.”  Sometimes even the best laid, thought out & mind mapped ideas and systems just don’t work!  They simply don’t produce the results we need. To often, these programs or systems stay in place because a lot of resources an energy have been invested. However, what if… what you are doing just aint working? So what do you do…? What do you do…?

Well, don’t do this



  1. Keep riding it, because if we stop, we will feel like a failure.
  2. Keep riding it, because if we stop, those involved will be hurt.
  3. Keep riding it, because if we stop, people will get mad and leave.
  4. Keep riding it, because if we stop, the “others” still doing it will get mad.
  5. Keep riding it, because if we stop, we look stupid, no back up plan!
  6. STOP riding it, because if we STOP, we might actually find something that works.

Believe it or not we are bringing back some old school “stuff” that have repainted and given a different name (Re-branded), but here it comes! As I see it, this is the bottom line..

If what you’re using aint moving people into or consistently closer to the Kingdom…STOP!

Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s working in your context! Coming up on a new year guys! Time to evaluate EVERYTHING! Put it all on the table, no sacred cows allowed to stay! All on the table for honest prayerful evaluation. And if you find (and you know you will) something that is dead and not producing what will you do? What will you do?

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  • Veridee

    I feel a change a commin’. Let the fire burn away all that is not of God, the rubies, gems, gold will stay but everything we have put into the hay and sticks must go. They are taking up the space we need a gem to shine. Nobody takes a second look at hay or sticks but most will look long at a beautiful gem and fine carved gold.

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