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Month: December 2010

4-Part plan to…To Get it and Keep it in 2011

In this new year, I was praying through all the new things that have been added to me this past year along with what I am already responsible for:

  • Large Multi-Site Multi-Ethnic Church (Cornerstone)
  • International campuses (Liberia, West Africa)
  • The Comb Network – church planting
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3-Things. All Great Leaders do

All great leaders rather they know it or not go through a process to get where they are…


Great leaders cry out to God in their heart. And…they cry real tears of joy & humility from the…

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Don’t make this $30K MISTAKE!

Wrong Place…Wrong Label

Recently a fine Italian restaurant owner found a bottle of wine that was in the wrong place with the wrong tag in the wrong storage bag. You see the restaurant had a system of storage. Depending on value, a bottle was put in a certain type bag, then a tag placed on the bag for easy viewing, and then placed in a certain section.

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Lessons from Liberia

I can’t recall the number of visits I have made to Liberia in the last 25 years, but there have many. This trip however has been quite different, this has been by far the most productive. We brought

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The Big A** ASK

The Big A** Ask- A request to those in your circle of influence that requires them to give something.

Some have drank the Kool-Aid of “Social Media Marketing.” I really feel for some of my highly loved brothers who have fallen for the “smoke message” that they should make money by Social Media.

Don’t get me wrong…You can make BIG money using social media, but here’s the kicker… You must define that up front. However, if you have gained a following in social media by being a “giver”, and then begin to leverage that influence and become an “asker”, i.e., constantly pimping your own stuff and asking others to buy or help promote…

You are making the BIG A** Ask!

You do that even…

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